Ways to Help

As an organization consisting of volunteers, we understand that a sense of purpose, duty and unity are the cornerstones of everything we do.



As you volunteer, you will gain purpose, duty and become a part of something more than ourselves. As a nonpartisan organization, unaffiliated with any political or religious parties, you are not limited in your abilities to serve.  Serve locally or abroad and enrich the lives of others.  Training is available for those willing to serve.


We understands that collaboration is critical to success in all aspects of a relief effort. As GHP teams up with other notable non-profit organizations, GHP will serve as a primary and, in some cases, a secondary resource for aid and support.  

GHP believes in unity and collaboration to unite and focus non-profit organizations on a common goal, enabling our frontline activities to be more effective and efficient. A one-time or recurring donation to Global HERO Project helps support those directly affected by disasters, hunger, our homeless and the work of our partner charities.