Our Vision

Volunteers are our Heroes.


Mission Statement

We stand ready to serve, inspire hope and provide aid during crises through a global network of members, volunteers and donors.

Global HERO Project Vision

Our vision is to streamline both the volunteer and donor process domestically and internationally in support of first responders, disaster projects, global education, humanitarian aid, human rights issues, natural resource conservation and help eradicate world poverty through sustainable economic growth.

About Us

Global HERO Project (GHP) is a US Federal 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded under the hopes of diminishing human suffering, providing better opportunities and enriching the life of others. GHP seeks to provide individuals, families, communities and countries with the needed tools and personnel resources to complete short and long-term relief efforts before and after a catastrophic event. Our organization utilizes CORE (Community, Operations and Relief Efforts) personnel to support capabilities projects that can further improve and address such issues as displacement, potable water, food, medicine and overall aid for the community. GHP partners with disaster relief organizations to augment safe evacuations, search and rescue, debris removal, humanitarian aid and post-recovery.


Our volunteers come from all walks of life to help those in need of critical aid. GHP responds to the overwhelming need for Humanitarian aid, Emergency response, Relief efforts, and Outreach services (HERO).  GHP is not only limited to disaster relief and humanitarian aid. Our goals encompass stable and good governance, and sustainable agricultural projects designed to end hunger and poverty while building self-reliant communities.

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We envision a global community of volunteers and charitable organizations coming together for a common cause to help humanity and our planet’s survival. GHP is part of an existing global structure for all to join, donate and help bring aid to those in need. Global HERO Project members are working to build a better future for our children, families, and communities.

As an organization consisting of volunteers, we understand that a sense of purpose, duty and unity are the cornerstones for any organization. As you volunteer, you will gain such purpose and become a part of something more than ourselves. We are a nonpartisan organization, unaffiliated with any political or religious parties which embraces diversity and are not limited by our abilities. We are united to serve our communities in any capacity.

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Miguel A. Anaya
President, Veteran, Volunteer

Our Motto:   Misericordia Pro Hominibus - Compassion for Humans

Our Motto:

Misericordia Pro Hominibus - Compassion for Humans